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Our college counseling process is a natural extension of Kent’s educational philosophy, emphasizing independent thinking, introspection, personal responsibility, leadership and informed decision making. We believe that the college search process should be student centered, supportive and also fun — a celebration of each student’s past accomplishments and promise for the future. College represents an important milestone in a student’s life. It is a time for individuation, for students to further develop their interests, explore and define their talents, and deepen their personal beliefs and values.

From the moment a student steps foot on the Kent campus, he or she is preparing for college. Every student at Kent follows a college preparatory curriculum, each one personally crafted for the abilities of the individual student. Each year, students meet with their advisors and the Director of Studies to discuss their course selection. Students also participate in the Third and Fourth Form seminars which help students develop excellent study skills and mark their path to college. Throughout their Kent career, students are encouraged to understand that successful college preparation depends on engaging fully in the Kent School experience, both in and out of the classroom.

The formal college counseling process begins in the Winter Term of the Fourth Form year. Our team of five college counselors stands ready to guide and support Kent students as they examine their interests, explore their passions, and embark on the next stage of their academic journey.  Just as each student’s academic program is uniquely molded to challenge each individual, so is the college process unique to each student. It is the mission of the College Counseling Office to guide and support student and their families through the college search and application process, and ultimately to identify the best college matches for each individual.

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For information regarding our college counseling process, please contact Shawn Rousseau, Director of College Counseling